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In 2008, we recorded our first CD – a selection of music that we had performed in our first three years together, to try to capture the ‘magic’ of  past performances.  We have had such pleasure in singing these works and sincerely hope that you too will enjoy this varied selection.  Please find a track listing and some sound samples below and contact us via the tab to obtain a CD.

Track 1:  Crucifixus Antonio Lotti (1667 – 1740) [haiku url=”VOX – 1 Crucifixus – Antonio Lotti.mp3″]
Track 2: My spirit sang all day Gerald Finzi (1901 – 1956) [haiku url=”VOX – 2 My spirit sang all day – Gerald Finzi.mp3″]
Track 3: Sweet and Low Joseph Barnby (1838 – 1896) [haiku url=”VOX – 3 Sweet and low – Joseph Barnby.mp3″]
Track 4: That time of year Rosalie Bonighton (1946 – 2011) [haiku url=”VOX – 4 That time of year – Rosalie Bonighton.mp3″]
Track 5: Double, double, toil and trouble Jaakko Mäntyärvi (b.1963) [haiku url=”VOX – 5 Double, double, toil and trouble – Jaakko Mantyjarvi.mp3″]
Three Motets Calvin Bowman (b.1972)
Track 6: Creation [haiku url=”VOX – 6 Creation – Calvin Bowman.mp3″]
Track 7: Hodie [haiku url=”VOX – 7 Hodie – Calvin Bowman.mp3″]
Track 8: Ascension [haiku url=”VOX – 8 Ascension – Calvin Bowman.mp3″]
Track 9: But God cannot be known Andrew Schultz (b.1960) [haiku url=”VOX – 9 But God cannot be known – Andrew Schulz.mp3″]
Track 10: Exsultate justi Ludovica da Viadana (c.1560 – 1627) [haiku url=”VOX – 10 Exsultate justi – Lodovico da Viadana.mp3″]
Track 11: Steal away Hugh Roberton (1874 – 1952) [haiku url=”VOX – 11 Steal Away – Hugh Roberton.mp3″]
Track 12: The Lord is my shepherd George Macfarren (1813 – 1887) [haiku url=”VOX – 12 The lord is my shepherd – George Macfarren.mp3″]
Shakespeare Songs Matthew Harris (b.1956)
Track 13: Take, O take those lips away [haiku url=”VOX – 13 Take, O take those lips away – Matthew Harris.mp3″]
Track 14: Hark! Hark! The lark! [haiku url=”VOX – 14 Hark, hark the lark – Matthew Harris.mp3″]
Track 15: Tell me where is fancy bred? [haiku url=”VOX – 15 Tell me where is fancy bred – Matthew Harris.mp3″]
Track 16: O nata lux Morten Lauridsen (b.1943) [haiku url=”VOX – 16 O nata lux – Morten Lauridsen.mp3″]



2 thoughts on “Our CD”

  1. Good afternoon,

    Could you please let me know how to purchase a copy of your CD? I’m particularly interested in the track by Rosalie Bonighton. I’m Rosalie’s niece and I’m a singer based in Brisbane. I performed one of her pieces at the memorial concert for her in Ballarat in 2012, which from memory Vox also performed at as well? I’d very much like to hear the piece on your CD, since I believe it’s the only piece of her choral music which appears on a CD anywhere in the world, as far as I can tell! (I’m hoping to change that at some point.)

    Please let me know CD & postage costs and payment details. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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